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Cracked Screen

Cracked or damaged screens can impair usability and compromise the aesthetics of your Motorola phone.

Battery Issues

Over time, batteries in Motorola phones may degrade, resulting in poor performance and shorter battery life.

Water Damage

Exposure to water or moisture can cause significant damage to the internal components of a Motorola phone, leading to malfunctions or complete failure.

Network or Connectivity Problems

Issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, or network reception can impact the phone's ability to connect to the internet or other devices.

Charging Problems

Issues with the charging port can prevent the Motorola phone from charging properly or at all, affecting its usability.

Camera Malfunctions

Problems with the camera, such as blurry images or focus issues, can impact the functionality of your Motorola phone.

Speaker Issues

Issues with the speaker can result in distorted sound or muffled audio during calls or media playback.

Physical Damage

Beyond just the screen, physical damage such as dents, scratches, or broken buttons can occur from drops, impacts, or accidents.


Motorola phones may experience overheating problems, potentially due to heavy usage, faulty components, or environmental factors.

Motorola Phone Repair

We love working on Motorola phones for several reasons. Firstly, Motorola phones are known for their durability and reliability, making them a joy to repair. Their robust design means that even when they encounter issues, they are often fixable, allowing us to restore them to optimal condition. Additionally, Motorola phones often feature innovative technology and unique designs, presenting interesting challenges and opportunities for our skilled technicians to showcase their expertise. Furthermore, we take pride in being able to provide affordable and efficient repair services for Motorola phones, ensuring that our customers can continue to enjoy their devices without breaking the bank. Overall, working on Motorola phones allows us to combine our passion for technology with our commitment to providing exceptional service, making it a truly rewarding experience for us.

Lightning Phone Repair 349 Google Reviews- 4.9/5 stars

They jusg fixed my daughters Amazon fire tablet. The screen broke on it and Amazon was going to take up to 2 weeks to get it fixed and send back. The first repair shop I called quoted me $175 plus tax. He also said to cut my loss and buy her a new one (which would have been like $250) so I called this place and he did it for $117. He was amazing. I highly recommend this place to get your electronics repaired. Will be going with them from now on. Such great customer service.

- Ruthie Bailey

I absolutely loved the environment of this shop and the owner was very nice and knowledgeable about phones and my overall experience was a 10/10 I would highly recommend getting your phone repairedat lightning phone repair!

- Sierra Beabout

Excellent Job my back camera is like new!! Super fast repair and definitely affordable I will for sure be a repeat customer!! The repair guy was super nice and helpful I can't say enough!!!

- Leticia Arroyo

Friendly, fast, thoughtful and helpful are just a few of the terms I’d use to describe my experience at Lightning Phone Repair in Redding. John took the time to answer all of my questions and made me feel like I was talking with a friend, instead of someone I had just met moments prior. Not only did John surpass any expectations I could have in having my phone screen repaired, he even helped jumpstart my car when I accidentally left my lights on in my car and drained the battery. Highly recommend this place to anyone who needs cell phone repair in the north state of California.

- Danni